Cork is the environmentally sound choice for flooring.
The cork oak tree is not destroyed and then replanted but rather the bark is harvested from the tree every 9 years, leaving the forest undamaged. Its not unusual to have a 200 year old tree still producing cork bark.
Even better than a renewable resource, Cork is a Harvested Resource. Only the bark is harvested from the tree, causing no damage to the tree which re-grows new bark. Cork flooring is actually made from the waste of the cork wine stopper manufacturing process.
All pigments, varnishes and adhesives that Naturo Cork uses in producing its tiles are water-based, solvent-free and have no VOCs.
Naturo Cork Flooring - The Natural Choice

Naturo Cork Flooring - The Natural Choice

Naturo Cork Flooring is a suitable flooring material for use in family rooms, childrens rooms, kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. Cork Flooring always blends in well with existing decorations and furnishings. Imagine the perfect floor - beautiful to look at, easy to care for, silent and durable enough to handle all kinds of traffic.

You will find Naturo Cork Flooring also used in public buildings including showrooms, restaurants, creches, gyms, offices, hospitals and more. The Naturo Cork Flooring group have a wide range of patterns and colours available. All sizes and colours can also be mixed to your personal taste, to create your own unique cork floor! find out about the secrets of naturo corkflooring - a step above common flooring!

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We have a number of products available to keep your Cork Tiles in tip top condition.

Natural cork floors are ecological